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Television Africa Limited, the only fully Ghanaian owned private free-on-air television station on the air in the country was founded in 1995 by Kwaw Paintsil Ansah, a renowned filmmaker and advertising business executive. The company has its long-term objective ‘to play an effective role in the development of communications as a major instrument for nation building and a vital element in the socio-economic development process.’ One of its core objectives is to transmit high quality programmes on education, development, culture, and current affairs to viewers in Ghana, and later the international market.
The station started test transmission in 2002, and was officially launched by the President of the Republic on 17th of May 2003


Film Africa Limited, the parent company of Television Africa was set up in 1977 by Kwaw Ansah with the primary objective of using the audio-visual medium to give a true representation of the situation of Africa against a background of the dominantly negative and false portrayal of the continent in the international media.
Film Africa has over the years carried out its mission through the production of world acclaimed films such as “Loved Brewed in the African Pot”, “Heritage Africa” and “Crossroads of People, Crossroads of Trade”. The Company has built a strong reputation of using African structures of story telling, values and motifs to tell the good stories of Africa in the audio visual format. Through the films it has produced, Film Africa has proved that a good story, well told, is as good as any good story, no matter which part of the world it comes from. African stories, well packaged, will be well enjoyed by the rest of the world.
In the early 1990’s when the country’s airwaves were deregulated, Film Africa acquired a license to operate a free on air television station. The station, Television Africa was incorporated in 1995 as an extension of the project to propagate positive images of Africa and to help uplift the development of the continent.


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