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Only ‘Experienced Insider’ Can Save TTH – Ex Workers Say …As Battle For New CEO Thickens

Spectr News Theme Nii Ayi Mensah Lartey
14 March, 2017

The government is still in search of a competent person to appoint a CEO of the Tamale Teaching Hospital but some former senior officers of the hospital have argued that “it would be suicidal if someone outside the hospital is appointed”.

According to the former officers “no one knows the inside-out of the hospital more than the current crop of senior staff so we strongly believe the government would be better-off if it appointed an insider as the CEO”.

Taking the paper down memory lane, the former officers recalled how one Dr. Ken Sagoe who was appointed from outside  the hospital in 2008, struggled to keep the hospital afloat because he was not abreast with the peculiarities of the of the hospital.

“At the time of his exit, he complained bitterly that corruption was endemic at the hospital. It was so because the staff always outwitted him”, they recalled.

It would be recalled that late last month a vigilante group of the NPP known as Kandahar boys allegedly stormed the Tamale Teaching Hospital and locked out up the office of the Chief Executive of the facility.

Days later, allegations of some expired drugs being used started flying. There were reports that the hospital was administering expired anaesthetic drugs but was later to be learnt that it was just a machination to tarnish the name of one Hamidu Abdulai who heads the pharmacy Department.

After some investigations were carried out by the Food and Drugs Authority, it realized the allegations were false.

Meanwhile, one of the persons said to be jostling to be appointed as the CEO of the Hospital, Dr David Zaawumya Kolbila was badly exposed last week in Tamale as his political affiliation was revealed.

According to a letter in circulation, the opposition NDC last month wrote a letter of appreciation to him for the financial support he offered them in the 2016 general elections.

The leakage of the said letter has thrown the contest open.

Checks from the hospital records indicate that, his 16 years stay in the hospital is adorned with impeccable records of remarkable improvement in various areas he dared into although very challenging. Amidst he has provided solutions to most of the difficult problems that arises.

According to our source his good leadership skills couple with his achievements pen him as the best among the rest in the quest of choosing a competent CEO for the hospital. Mischievously, he is been subjected to vilification, an attempt to mislead the general public.

Even though his department remains the most effective unit in discharging their duties expectedly and working 24 hours daily, a great mark of improvement as compared to the past. Thanks to the investigation team for uncovering the truth. Many are qualified but few have the expertise in transforming such facility. 

Lessons can be drawn from the pharmacy department as it currently remains one of the most disciplined desk of the hospital as satellite pharmacies are now dotted across various units of the facility. 

However, our source at the Presidency indicates that the new CEO would be appointed from among the crop of present senior staff. Stay tuned.

By: Prosper Agbenyega



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