The social commentators, Tryshapatricia have raise concerns about t" />
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Tryshapatricia raises alarm about Ghanaian railways system

Spectr News Theme Nii Ayi Mensah Lartey
10 April, 2017

The social commentators, Tryshapatricia have raise concerns about the poor state of the Ghanaian railways system in other new skit, "No Train" 
This video is tilted towards  transport but this time railways transport. it is obvious the Ghanaian railways system is in a deplorable state, almost at the verge of collapse. In "No Train", the twins are advocating for our railway transport to be put in a betters shape. 
The sisters in the skit, at a railways station in Ghana, hoping to board a train to their destination but to their surprise there are no trains, this situation leaves them stranded and worried.
"No Train" calls public attention to this problem in the Ghanaian transport sector. Railways transport, if treated with all seriousness will ease transportation,  reduce traffic and cut down the unemployment rate in the country.
Trishapatricia promise to tackle issues of societal importance with creativity, humour and innovation so as to draw authority in charge and  public's attention to it. They also remain committed to releasing periodic videos to give voice to topics which are not talked about in society.
As young adults, they are passionate about using social media as a tool to drive home their message. This they believe will encourage many youth to use social media the right way.
Trysha Dake and Patrisha Dake have made comments about the recent subside cases and also released "Motorway Wahala" which exposes some the dangers on our highways.
Below is the video of "No Train" 
Also visit their website 
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Source: Nii Ayi Mensah Lartey


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