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Actress Bibi Bright Assures Creative Arts Growth

Spectr News Theme Nii Ayi Mensah Lartey
14 April, 2017

Actress Bibi Bright was all over the place during the 2016 elections campaigning for change and now enjoying the fruit of her labor, she has been named the secretary to the Creative Arts Council.

The Creative Arts Council, according to her, has been in existence during the previous government but its vibrancy was questionable therefore as the new government attained office, it decided to activate the council by reason of the size of the Creative Arts industry.

She said the Creative Arts council’s significance is to “tackle the problems that affect all the sectors of the industry. It is here to deal with issues not necessarily music and movies but the artistic, culture and all. These problems she says when are beyond the council will be forwarded to the ministry and it goes on from there. It is more like a mediator between the Arts and the ministry.”

Her role she indicated serves as the main mediator where she does all the basics of the secretarial business as well as being the first to be hit by all issues about the Arts before passing on to her bosses Gyankoroma Akufo Addo and Mark Okraku Mantey.
Source: flex newspaper


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