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Angry fan throws an egg at MzBel during her performance in Belgium

Spectr News Theme Nii Ayi Mensah Lartey
27 December, 2016

It seems MzBel’s single act of running down the president elect of Ghana, Nana Akuffo Addo would continue to haunt her as an angry fan allegedly threw an egg at her as she mounted the stage to perform in Gent, Belgium on Tuesday Dec. 26 2016.

The unforeseen act caused a temporal halt in the event as they sought to find out who exactly did the despicable act.

In a live video stream by one of the instrumentalists known on social media as OldBoga, the MC of the event is heard condemning the act and calling for unity among them.

Earlier, a number of fans had threatened to boycott the event if MzBel was not dropped from the bill. To them, her comments about the president elect was a sign of great disrespect for the elderly.

In line with that, reports surface later suggesting the 16 years old hit maker had been dropped from the show. However MzBel shot down such rumours as she shared videos of her rehearsal ahead of the show in Belgium.

MzBel has suffered a number of attacks since the party she campaigned for, the NDC lost power to the biggest opposition N.P.P.

In a leaked video that was shared by www.nydjlive.com, MzBel was heard crying as she narrated that her home had been invaded by a number of N.P.P supporters who had called on her to record a video and apologize to Nana Addo for the unfortunate comments passed about him prior to the 2016 general elections.

Source: Nydjlive.com 


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