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10 things every man says after being caught in the act

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20 January, 2017

One of the most embarrassing moments in every man’s life is when he is caught cheating.

Here are the obvious phrases you will hear from every man who is caught cheating.

1. She’s Just A Friend

When he’s caught red-handed but not in the real act, probably when they are eating at a restaurant when he lied about having a meeting at work, this is the common lie you’ll hear from him.

2. It’s Her Fault, She Forced Me

This happens when he’s caught entangled in a kiss or in a compromising position with another girl. Of course, blame it on the other girl right?

3. You Caused All This

This is when he’s clearly entangled in the act and is caught red-handed and has no way out, then the blame game starts. As to how his girl caused this is something that defeats understanding.

4. Baby Let Me Explain

This is when he’s caught in the act. Wondering why they always say this because how are you going to explain how you ended up in bed and inside another woman.

 5. How Did You Get Here?

This is when you catch him in a hotel room and he’s still wondering how you skillfully managed to catch him because he thought he’s got his back covered.

6. It Is The Work Of The Devil

When there’s no escape route but he still needs to come up with something. He tries to play smart by playing on the supernatural to get sympathy.

7. I Don’t Know What Came Over Me

Let’s assume it is the holy spirit.

8. You Pushed Me Into It

Trying to play the blame game and get you feeling guilty about something you knew nothing about.

Let’s assume it is the holy spirit.

9. This Is My First Time

But how many times do you have to cheat before it can be considered cheating? First strike you’re out bruv.

10. It Is You I Love, Not Her

Just to get on her emotional side and make her feel like it was all a mistake with the other girl.


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