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10 Things Most People Do Immediately After Sex

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20 January, 2017

For most people, having sex is not the issue but what you do after sex that matters.

Here are things we all do right after sex.

1. Rush To The Bathroom

Especially the women, they rush to the bathroom to clean off themselves.

2. Grab A Bottle Of Water

After all the lost energy and panting, you need some water to cool down.

3. Sleep

Then there’s the moment it felt so good, you just go off into a deep slumber.

4. Second Round

It felt so good you just can’t stay away, you dive straight into the second round.

5. Eat

You sometimes feel so hungry you just grab a plate or two. I mean, you just did some serious work right there, so you can’t be blamed.

6. Cuddle

Just stay in bed in each other’s arms to seal off a great love making session.

7. Chat

Talk about yourself and your relationship.

8. Visit The Washroom To Pee

Of course, you need to get the residue out.

9. Grab Some Tissues

Ladies always grab tissues.

10. Search For Our Panties

Then there’s that quickie where you don’t even know where your panties landed and right after sex, you decide to search for it.


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